Infinity Nursing Agency: EVERLASTING CARE

Meeting the Nursing Shortage

Addressing the Nursing Shortage

At InfinityNA, we understand the challenges healthcare facilities face in recruiting and retaining qualified nursing staff. With the looming nurse shortage impacting organizations nationwide, we’re here to alleviate your concerns and provide comprehensive staffing solutions.

With a focus on augmenting your current staffing strategy, we offer access to a diverse pool of foreign-educated nurses from over 60 countries worldwide. Our nurses bring with them a wealth of experience, typically averaging five to ten years in the field, helping bridge the experience gap within your workforce.

Our Promise and Solution

At InfinityNA, we are committed to delivering a positive patient experience and upholding exemplary clinical quality. As your turnkey international staffing partner, we provide stability and reliability in healthcare staffing solutions.

Our approach aims to augment your staffing strategy by improving continuity of care and enhancing patient outcomes. By building and stabilizing an expert core staff, we help reduce contingent spend and mitigate attrition/vacancy rates. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to address your long-term staffing challenges effectively, ensuring seamless operations and optimal patient care.

How may we help you overcome your staffing challenges?

Let us strengthen your core staff with internationally experienced registered nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. Reach out to us today!